Seamless and collaborative integration between the live event and broadcast mediums is of ever growing importance. Many of the events I deliver are created with broadcasters for international television audiences. Over the years I have successfully bridged the gap between Event delivery company and Broadcaster on countless occasions. I have lead and held integral posts within both major event and broadcast production teams which leaves me uniquely placed in understanding the creative and technical demands placed upon these production environments. These complex global broadcast projects include:

  • Royal events
  • State occasions
  • Live event to cinema broadcast management
  • Live event and global TV production liaison
  • Red Carpet production
  • Corporate AV production
  • Music events
  • Live stream productions
  • Rolling news coverage

HGEP is therefore superbly placed to bring together both event and broadcast production teams, ensuring a cohesive working relationship is in place for an event and broadcast delivery of the highest calibre.